China living expense for international pupils

Allow's start by saying that the main aspects to figure out the price of living in China are two:.

1. The city you live in.

2. Your lifestyle.

According to data from, the price of living in China (taking Shanghai as instance) is 5% less than Rome, 6% more than Madrid, 45% less than London, 41% lower than that of New York, 26% lower than that of Los Angeles, 45% much more costly than that of Bangkok and 77% much more pricey than that of Hanoi.


The expense to rent an area in Beijing or Shanghai is around 2500-3500 yuan each month. In various other cities, rental fees are cheaper however it depends on the situation. You will certainly likewise need to spend for electricity, water, gas and also web. Of what issue mobile phone and also web, 100 Yuan monthly should suffice for a Chinese sim card with internet consisted of however, even in this instance, it depends upon just how much you utilize it.

A meal can cost you as low as 10-15 Yuan for a plate of jiaozi (dumplings) or lamian (noodles). However, if you wish to eat meat and also fish routinely, the prices go up swiftly. The public transportation are the most effective vital to move around the city: he metro and city buses are still low-cost, say 5 Yuan each day (or 150 yuan per month). Taxi cabs are getting pricey, particularly in Shanghai and also Beijing, however still much cheaper than what you can discover in Europe.

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So let's say that the beginning point of the price of living in China is 4,500 Yuan monthly also in Beijing or Shanghai. Naturally, you will have to include costs for enjoyment (travel, suppers out, alcohol, cigarettes, do some tea), clothing, health insurance, visas, global trips and unexpected expenses.

One of the most important thing to keep in mind is to live according to your opportunities: in some cases it seems that several deportees in China neglect to do this. Go out, enjoy, go out with your friends, yet do not neglect to allot some of your profits every month due to the fact that unexpected things can happen.

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